Travel Work

Hafa Adai!

Just got back from Guam on Sunday. I still think it’s funny that we left Guam on Monday morning, and arrived in Honolulu on Sunday afternoon. Hurrah for time travel!

Guam was nice. Very tropical, and if it wasn’t for the hear and humidity, I would have thought I was still in Hawaii. Everything was really lush and green, the ocean and sky were beautiful and blue, and the people were really friendly.

Because of the hot and humid weather, we spent a lot of time in air-conditioned buildings. It reminded me of being in Vegas, where you wouldn’t want to spend much time outside unless you had to. The first morning we were there I tried to take pictures from the lanai on Jim’s room, but as soon as I stepped outside my camera started sweating and the lens fogged up for a few minutes. But I still managed to take a couple of nice pictures, which I’ll post to Flickr soon.

I still have pictures from Tahoe to post as well! The next couple of weeks are going to be busy with school and a couple of project deadlines looming. So… I probably won’t actually post the photos until near the end of the month.

Keep an eye out for a recap of Tahoe and Guam, sometime in the next couple of weeks!