About Chris

Hi, my name is Chris, but you probably already inferred that from the domain name. Since you’re on this particular page, I’m assuming you’d like to know a little more about me. I’ll do my best with a bunch of short sentences.

About me

I live on the lovely Big Island of Hawaii, off-the-grid, in a yurt. I love my wife, who is an awesome photographer. I have cats. I have a dog. I never learned how to surf, despite growing up in Hawaii. I paddle canoes. I used to play paintball. I love coffee, specifically Kona coffee. I love photography, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, video games, and Apple products (but not in that order). I grew up using DOS and Windows but switched to Mac in 2008, and haven’t looked back.

About my work

I love to design web sites and other things. I like tinkering with PHP, occasionally. I think WordPress is pretty neat. My passion is building things for the web. I’ve been building web sites since 1996.

I currently work for Automattic and