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Update from Roundstone

So we’re in Roundstone, County Galway right now, on our second day. Tomorrow we head north to County Mayo. We’re near Connemara, which is absolutely beautiful scenery. I know there’s a drinking song about the “Hills of Connemara”, and I’m sure it fits.

Yesterday we went and saw Dun Aonghas on Inishmore (one of the Aran Islands) which was very cool, and the day before we saw the Cliffs of Moher. The scenery here in this part of Ireland is amazing, and I wish I could share some of the photos with you. I really wish I had my own laptop; it would really make the process easier. Nohea and I were reviewing the photos earlier today, and are managing to thin down the 1000 some photos we took on her camera down to 850 or so.

More to come later, cheers!

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