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Elavon Gateway Requires ‘ssl_customer_code’ for American Express

After building an Elavon gateway for Shopp, one of my clients reported an error saying that they were getting an error whenever one of their customers tried to pay with an American Express card. The error code was 4009 – Required Field Not Supplied, and the required field was “ssl_customer_code” which according to the developer guide is not required.

Elavon ssl_customer_code is NOT required
‘ssl_customer_code’ is NOT required… Or is it?

I’d email Elavon to let them know about the problem, but I’ve never gotten an email response from their tech support (even after talking to one of their support staff on the phone, who asked me to email him directly).

The easiest fix is to include ssl_customer_code on all transactions, even though it’s only used in  American Express transactions and (maybe?) recurring billing transactions. I hope this helps someone.

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Since I’ll probably have to build an Elavon gateway for WordPress Gravity Forms in the near future, this is very helpful. Thank you for sharing!

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