Web Work

A day without email

I flubbed my DNS records on Friday, thinking that I was getting ready to move my work site from Dreamhost to MediaTemple (since I’ve been having email delivery problems on Dreamhost; too many spammers on their shared servers). So I switched my name servers on Friday afternoon without the proper MX records… Long story short; I haven’t received any email since Friday afternoon.

Normally I don’t screw this process up (since I’ve done it probably 50 times in the past 2 years), but I was rushing when I did it Friday afternoon. I had myself convinced on Monday morning that it was just a slow weekend, and no one had anything to send me. Then I remembered that I tried to send email to myself Friday night, and puzzled over why it never got thru. Mystery solved.

It’s been frustrating waiting for the old DNS records to expire on the Media Temple server so I can enable mail services. I’m used to communicating primarily thru email, and being unable to do that all day has been driving me nuts!