Shopp Minimum Order Amounts 1.3 Released

I just released a new version of my Minimum Order Amounts plugin for Shopp today. This new version finally supports version 1.3 of Shopp, and allows merchants to set a minimum quantity for each product in the catalog. The product minimums are separate from the storewide minimums, and both are checked before the customer checks out. You […]

Disabling Multiple Clicks to the Submit Order button in Shopp

Most of us who use web browsers understand that the web UI only requires a single click on links, form buttons, and input fields. However, there are people who are used to double-clicking everything in the same way you double-click icons in an OS GUI. Sometimes this causes problems, specifically with shopping carts, where double-clicking […]

Changing the default WordPress email sender

It’s not uncommon to want to change the email sender that WordPress sets automatically, especially in e-commerce situations. It’s actually really easy to do by adding a couple of filters in your theme’s functions.php file: /** change the default WordPress email sender */ add_filter(‘wp_mail_from’, ‘my_mail_from’); add_filter(‘wp_mail_from_name’, ‘my_mail_from_name’); function my_mail_from($email) { return ‘’; } function my_mail_from_name($name) […]